Christchurch Town Hall

Please note that the foyer is open for the whole weekend; the auditorium on Saturday 10am-4pm; the CSO Centre on Saturday 12.45-1.30pm. All other parts will be off-limits due to other engagements.

A Milestone in New Zealand civic architecture, and one of the country’s most acclaimed buildings, the Christchurch Town Hall was much longed-for. Christchurch residents waited almost 100 years for a town hall of their own and helped finance what was to become the centre of public life. The expression of its structure and materials are key characteristics of this modernist masterpiece, while the internationally acclaimed auditorium with its groundbreaking acoustic design is its feature.

Publicly accessible restrooms: wheelchair/walking aid/pram accessible; child friendly

Warren and Mahoney, 1972 & 2019

  • Push play when you are at the rear of the building on the commons

town hall map

86 Kilmore Street, Christchurch