Botanic Gardens - Cuningham House

Hear the history of this buliding and then take a tour of the hot house with the director of the Botanic Gardens, Wofgang Bopp.

The fruits of a family rift, the conservatory was paid for by gardens’ enthusiast Cleverly Cuningham. Modelled on the Springburn Winter Gardens in Glasgow, the design includes a dome-shaped glass roof capped with a glazed lantern, and a covered portico with Tuscan columns. Its leafy charges are kept in the tropical climate they require, allowing for the historically popular activity of keeping and displaying plants from far-flung places.

Publicly accessible restrooms at the gardens; wheelchair/walking aid/pram accessible; child friendly

Collins & Harman, 1923

  • Inside: Push play when you are just inside the main entrance

  • Outside: Push play when you are outside the entrance to Cuningham House